About Us

Who Are We

NerdBit IT Solutions is a New Zealand based, local start-up founded by Kanwal Sidhu & Rung Hram and is currently located in and serving the entire Wellington Region. Not only are we competitive, dependable and personable; but we always put our customers first because they are NerdBit’s foundation blocks.

Not everyone speaks and understands technology! We are proud of our ability to simplify the technical jargon in order to make it easier for our non-tech savvy customers and wider general public using innovative and creative verbal and illustrative means and this is what sets us apart from the competition. In the end, whatever your needs are, whether you own a business or just a basic user, allow us to provide you a memorable experience.

“Our solutions are tailored around the needs of our clients. That means a specific need gets a specific solution and not some cookie cutter strategy that will fail”.

Our Mission

At NerdBit IT, our mission is to use our IT expertise to help push for the success and satisfaction of our clients by relieving them of whatever IT challenge they’re facing and allowing them to make significant performance improvements while reducing cost and avoiding the hassle that comes with the entire process.

Our Vibe

At our core, we operate on expertise, proven processes and integrity. We are a friendly, imaginative team that loves to have fun, but we take our services and projects very seriously. We took what we didn’t like about other “fix it”, “big box” stores and kiosks, and threw it out the window. Instead, we designed a workspace we’d want to do business with ourselves.

Our Experts

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