Frequently Asked Questions

You will notice right from the get go that we are extremely competitive when it comes to our pricing.  We charge a flat rate of $75/hr. for the first hour and $65/hr for every hour after that.  For small business support we charge a flat rate of $75/hr. If we can’t fix your problem we don’t charge you a dime!  Some problems require us to take your computer with us in which case we will only charge for the job undertaken.

We strive to get your computer/problems resolved as soon as we can.  If we cannot fix your problem on site, we have a 48 hour turn around policy and will do everything we can to get your problem resolved in that time frame.

If your computer or device needs a new part and we don’t have it on hand, we can order it and have it delivered within a day or so as long as you can wait. You only pay for the labour cost in addition to the part.

If you are taking a laptop it’s vitally important that to take with you the A/C Power supply.

If you are taking in a PC or desktop usually nothing else is required i.e. it is not necessary to take in the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse or the power supply cable – we have plenty of those.

However, if you require reinstallation of third party software after the repairs it is important to take with you the software discs supplied with the software.

While we do make every effort to preserve your data files on the hard drive of your computer, however, we cannot guarantee your data. Before you take your computer equipment in for any service we advise that you perform a full back up your data on another storage device or the Cloud.

Remote access involves having your computer worked on by one of our Nerd’s over the internet. We can connect directly into your computer and view your screen remotely from our office. The benefits are fast repairs, it’s convenient and cost effective.

As our slogan says “empowering an era”,  We are more than happy to sit down with anyone and train them in the basics of practically anything technology related. Be it Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Office Products, MAC Walkthrough are a few to name. We are also happy to answer through lists of questions you may have building up in your head about your computing experiences.  We are friendly, patient and can explain things in “Non-Nerd” language and help you understand how to get the most out of your computer.

This is one of our specialities. We can build from scratch a computer system that meets exactly with your requirements and budget.

In a nutshell YES!!! It is a well known fact that Nerds are much more competent than Geeks. Geeks have their merits, but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts and getting onto it! – Nerds have the upper hand!

Surprisingly! We get this question quite often.  While we are more than happy to come out and be there for you when needed, but we can’t live on site and be your personal Nerd for more than a day.  You have to be willing to share the Nerd with your neighbors.

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