Remote Support

Remote Support

Often, a number of IT issues can be resolved remotely by accessing your PC or server securely over the internet. We use industry standard, secure and certified software to view your desktop to visualize and remedy any IT problems as if being sat at the desk. This saves you time, money and also the hassle of bringing your PC in person. Our remote desktop support is affordable and can be performed at a convenient time for you, allowing us to rectify just about anything.

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Logging & Identification

Incidents are identified through user feedback, solution analyses, or manual identification. Once identified, the incident is logged and investigation and categorization can begin. This is important to determining how incidents should be handled and for prioritizing response resources.

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Investigation and Diagnosis

Once incident tasks are assigned, staff can then begin investigating the type, cause, and possible solutions for an incident. After an incident is diagnosed, we can determine the appropriate remediation steps. This includes notifying any relevant staff, customers about the incident and any expected disruption of services and charges.

Resolution and Recovery

This step involves eliminating threats or root causes of issues and restoring systems to full functionality. Depending on incident type or severity, this may require multiple stages to ensure that incidents don’t reoccur. For e.g., you need to create a clean copy of your infected systems files, isolate the infected components, and fully replace systems to ensure that the infection doesn’t spread.

How does it work?

During a remote session, you will be able to observe all repairs LIVE by watching your screen while we solve the problem on hand. Your computer mouse will actually move around, on your computer screen, right before your very eyes. You can even watch and learn! Plus, YOU will be able to assume control at any time.

Is it safe?

Once a remote session has concluded, we will permanently remove our connection program and we will be unable to reconnect, unless you choose to reinstall the program for further service. The entire process keeps you, our client in complete control at all times, before, during and after the repair. We can explain this process further if you would like, to clarify any concerns that you may have.

Where do I Start?

To initiate a Remote Session with us, You can text, email or call us to setup a remote session with one of our team members. Please fill the form on this page and request a REMOTE Session. Once you have been given your REMOTE ID you may click on the link that best suits you and start your session.
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