We’ve made everything available so you can get the most from your technology needs without breaking a sweat.
Why Choose Us ?


Your gadgets are supposed to give you joy, but sometimes they don’t. Your computer won’t go beyond the spinning circle, you can’t explain why it’s painfully slow, not to talk of how frustrating surfing the Internet has become. We feel your pain…

We’ve done something about it, by combining the best of human talents – IT nerd’ery and technology to provide customer centric residential IT services to relive you of whatever tech-ache you‘re battling. Don’t do it alone, we’re here to help. You bet! Solving your home IT related problems countrywide.

Kanwal Sidhu

Excellence? That’s what we’ve aim for. While others might turn back your botched repairs – unable to keep to their word or assure of better service, we welcome your challenge with pleasure, making you blush for the right reasons.


Almost anything technology related.

If you’re not sure, get in touch. We have experts in a broad range of areas and operate as a one-stop solution provider. This includes computer & technology repairs, setup, sales, service and support. All brands of laptops, computers, Windows or Apple Mac operating systems… We won’t just fix your computer or network, we will ensure that everything meets your needs now and into the future. We perform many checks on your system and have state of the art testing procedures to detect issues with security, operating systems, hardware and software. We’ll also point out the parts of your system/network that need attention and then, if authorised, implement the solution.

5 More Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more affordable residential IT service provider. Want to keep more money in your pocket yet solve your IT issues? You’ve got your answer.

We’ve acquired a great deal of invaluable experience that allows us to approach every problem with the confidence we’ll fix it right the first time of trying which only seasoned pros can muster. For you, both time and money is saved.

While we like to think we’ve seen it all, we don’t take chances which means we’ll be meticulous and careful when handling your valuable assets. Problem fixed? Apparently. We’ll check and stress test again to ensure you get the full value for your money, time and gadget.

Arriving your home packed with the latest technology means faster and efficient repairs or solution which translates to lower cost and a quick turnaround time. In some cases, you’ll be back enjoying your device in few minutes, dare us.


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Computer RepairsLaptop RepairPC Power Supply replacements
Virus & Malware RemovalComputer clean up and optimizationFirewall and security solutions
Printer MalfunctionInternet networks and connectivityAnti-spam solutions
Data Backup & RecoveryUpgrades and InstallationsData Cleansing
Hardware SetupData backup recommendationsOperating system upgrades
Software ManagementE-mail Client SetupDriver downloads
Antivirus downloadsInternet SecuritySoftware conflicts


Computer Repairs

Virus & Malware Removal

Printer Malfunction

Data Backup & Recovery

Hardware Setup

Software Management

Antivirus downloads

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Laptop Repair

Computer clean up and optimization

Internet networks and connectivity

Upgrades and Installations

Data backup recommendations

E-mail Client Setup

Internet Security

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PC Power Supply replacements

Firewall and security solutions

Anti-spam solutions

Data Cleansing

Operating system upgrades

Driver downloads

Software conflicts

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Reliable residential IT Services near you

We’ve made everything available so you can get the most from your computer, laptop, and other such devices without breaking a sweat. The question now is: wouldn’t you like that? Fix your residential It troubles now.